The TBM Owners and Pilots Association exists for owners and operators of the Daher TBM aircraft. The objective of the organization is to promote safety and provide an opportunity to maximize the pleasure and utility of the ownership experience.

This objective is pursued through a variety of methods including an annual convention, regional gatherings and safety seminars, and a comprehensive website to disseminate information and encourage interchange among owners. TBMOPA also promotes open conversations from our manufacturing and field service partners, leads special initiatives, investigations and projects, and offers exclusive members-only merchandise, plus so much more.

The Fleet

The safety and market value of the TBM fleet is of paramount interest to TBMOPA. In this regard, we recognize that the sale of new aircraft and the proper maintenance and retrofit of existing aircraft in the fleet is our owners’ priority. TBMOPA will encourage actions which maximize the value and utility of the TBM fleet.

Cooperative Relationships

TBMOPA encourages a partnership of communication and information exchange with Daher, as well as with Daher Sales and Service Centers and other involved businesses and organizations. However, TBMOPA functions as an independent organization focused on the best interests of the owner and operator base.

What We Are Not

TBMOPA is not a sales organization for the manufacturer or a proponent of any specific manufacturer, field sales or service organization. In fact, TBMOPA may serve as representative of the owner base to encourage action and response by manufacturers, field service organizations, regulatory organizations, or other related industries.


Any TBM owner, prospective owner, or distributor interested in joining TBMOPA can click on the “More Info” button to learn more about the organization and submit an application.


Please CLICK HERE to view our association bylaws.

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