Jeppesen FAQs

Q: Which Members can use the feature?

A: Regular TBMOPA Members with a valid, paid subscription that own a TBM.
– Members with a 90 day trial subscription cannot use the feature.
– Kodiak members will be able to access this discount later in the year.

Q: How often is the info sent to Jeppesen?

A: Once, daily at 7PM ET. It will be processed by Jeppesen later the same day.

Q: What data is sent to Jeppesen?

A:The following information is sent to Jeppesen:

  • Jeppesen Account #
  • TBMOPA User ID
  • Start of TBMOPA Subscription
  • End of TBMOPA Subscription
  • Primary email address on TBMOPA website.
  • TBMOPA Membership Type

Q: Are users made aware of what info is sent to Jeppesen?

A:Yes, the following info is shown on the Jeppesen account update area on the site:

To join TBMOPA’s member discount program with Jeppesen please enter your Jeppesen Account number in the box below and click on “Submit”.

Note: By participating in this program you agree to the following information being shared with Jeppesen:

  • Your Jeppesen Account #
  • Your TBMOPA User ID
  • The date you joined TBMOPA
  • Your TBMOPA Subscription Expiry Date
  • The “Primary Email Address” in your TBMOPA account profile
  • Your TBMOPA Membership Type

Note: You must be a TBM Owner with a current paid subscription to take advantage of this program.

Q: How do members access the page to enter their Jeppesen Account number?

A:Click Here to enter your Jeppesen Account Number.

Q: Is the feature live now?

A:This feature has been activate since July 1, 2022.

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