TBM Owners and Pilots Association - Founders


The TBM Owners and Pilots Association thanks its founders for their help in creating the organization.

TBMOPA Founders:


Stuart Auerbach


Roy Bliss


Tom Evernham


Tracy Forrest


Jerry B. Fussell


John Hayes


John Hinshaw


Vincent Latona


Stanley Rand


Butch Stevens


Jim Thorpe


Steve Walenz

TBMOPA Commercial Founders:


New Avex



Columbia Air Services



Muncie Aviation




Columbia Aircraft ServicesGarmin Autopilots Pratt & Whitney, CanadaTBM910 & TBM930 https://forflight.comAvex

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Columbia Aircraft ServicesPratt & Whitney, Canadahttps://forflight.comGarmin AutopilotsTBM910 & TBM930Avex