TBM Owners and Pilots Association - Membership Benefits


TBMOPA is a vast arena to convey and exchange information to make all members safer, offer cost savings on maintenance and convenience to incredible information


  • Get the latest information on ADs and how they affect you.
  • Direct ombudsman to Daher, Simcom and all the service centers.
  • Training and safety seminars throughout the year.
  • Direct access to technical and operational documentation.
  • Direct interaction through the website to answer almost instantly any safety or service related questions.
  • Direct access to Mentors to help you learn the ins and outs of your new plane .

Comfort/Cost Savings

  • Direct access to suppliers and manufacturers to solve and improve reoccurring expenses or maintenance intervals.
  • Direct access to special procedures and offerings.
  • Access to new products and services.
  • The voice of many owners helping you solve your problem.


  • Outstanding membership website to ask and answer all your questions by other members as well as experts input from Daher, SimCom, TSI and other suppliers.
  • Easy access to unbelievable forums, files, photos and data.
  • Immediate access to important issues and first hand knowledge of what affects your plane.
  • A full time Association director with knowledge of your plane to help answer any issues.
  • A fantastic annual convention with training and maintenance seminars, safety and accident seminars, friendships and acquaintances.

TBMOPA Member Programs:

TBMOPA/ Simcom Training Program

Any current TBMOPA member who schedules and attends a TBM initial or recurrent course will receive the option of an additional 2 hours of complimentary TBM simulator instruction.

This enhancement to your TBMOPA membership has a retail value of $1,000, and this is a great way to enhance your simulator training experience! The two hours of bonus simulator time can be used anytime within one year of completing a Simcom TBM course, (on a space available basis).

Discounted Membership in NBAA

NBAA will offers a discounted membership to all TBMOPA members who are not currently members of NBAA. Normal membership in NBAA starts at $325 for those who own aircraft less than 12,500 lbs.

We strongly encourage TBMOPA members to participate in the NBAA to add our voice to those who advocate general and business aviation.  If you are a TBMOPA Member, please click here for more information.



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AvexExecutive Flight TrainingStandard AeroDaher TBM UpgradesGarmin AutopilotsHartzell 5 Blade Prop for the TBM