TBM Foundation & Able Flight

Able Flight is the only aviation nonprofit of its kind in the United States and was founded in 2006.

With the support of TBMOPA Foundation and others, to date it has awarded over 120 flight training and aviation career training scholarships resulting in over 80 licensed pilots with a variety of physical disabilities, including 23 pilots who are wounded or disabled veterans.

In addition to pilots certified, recipients of Able Flight’s aviation career training scholarships are now working in full time aviation careers as pilots and aircraft dispatchers, and in the commercial space program.

The TBMOPA Foundation’s support of Able Flight began in 2011 when, at that time TBMOPA board member Tracey Forrest reached out to Able Flight with an offer to help fund its scholarship program. Over the years that support has grown not only in amount, but in impact. This annual grant has become the largest single yearly donation to Able Flight’s scholarship fund and has helped fuel the organization’s ability to award even more scholarships.

A number of Able Flight pilots have been honored guests at TBMOPA conventions, and Able Flight has been represented at each event since 2011. In addition to the direct support of the TBMOPA Foundation, two members of the association, one a major supplier of parts and services, and the other a private owner have been generous supporters of the scholarship fund for years.

Through your gifts, the members and supporters of the TBMOPA Foundation have had a life-long and powerful impact on the lives of the pilots of Able Flight.

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Born without hands or feet, Able Flight pilot Randy Green is now the chief pilot in the U.S. for an international aerial mapping company.
Scott Holmes served as a C-130 and C-17 pilot, but an auto accident ended his military career. With an Able Flight scholarship, he was able to return to flight in a specially adapted airplane.
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