Common electrical errors made on the TBM

Webinar Details

When: April 23, 2020

Presenter: William Goldberg, Goldberg Aviation

Title: Common electrical errors made on the TBM

Description: This session will concentrate on the best practices for operating your electrical system on the TBM. There will be a question and answer period after the initial presentation. Please bring your questions!

Bio: William Goldberg has been flying full time for over 35 years in 75 countries and has been a full time TBM instructor since 2014. He has over 3700 hours instructing recurrent and initial pilots in all models of TBM aircraft. He has trained an estimated 1500 pilots in his career and estimated 300 pilots trained in TBM aircraft.This instruction time is in addition to over 20000 hours total time in aircraft with missions ranging from law enforcement to the Alaska bush to air ambulance to corporate aviation to military surveillance and reconnaissance.

Notes are available for this Webinar. Click the button below to download them.
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