From "Not Above Average" to #4 in the Fleet!

Webinar Details

When: May 26, 2020

Presenter: TBM Owners

Title: From "Not Above Average" to #4 in the Fleet!

Description: "From 'Not Above Average' to #4" is a "storytelling" session. Johnie Weens' story of making steady progress on mastering the TBM and getting comfortable to land at St Bart's inside of one year. The key to his progress was quality instruction but it was aided with the TBM Report/Me & My TBM feedback from non-instructional flights. Mel Rushton TBM owner and instructor will interview Johnie. We hope that this story will help convince those who don't feel rock solid to consider additional quality instruction. TBMOPA, Daher and fellow owners hope to triple the number of TBM Report/Me & My TBM participants in the near future. Consider helping spread the word with your TBM friends? Tom McGrath (940 owner) will share his observations of flying into the high density bay area now just a smidgen slower than he used to. Dierk Reuter and Raphael Maitre will provide an update on changes to "TBM Report" and the migration of the program to the "Me&My TBM" app. Last, Jim Baum, (TBM globe trotter and chairman of the TBMOPA safety committee) will share his thoughts to make us all safer pilots, reduce losses and make companions happier with smoOther landings.

Bio: With owners Dierk Reuter, Tom McGrath, Jim Baum, Johnie Weems and Mel Rushton

Notes are available for this Webinar. Click the button below to download them.
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