Garmin OnePak Databases

Webinar Details

When: June 29, 2022

Presenter: Joey Ferreyra, Garmin Sales & Customer Experience Manager

Title: Garmin OnePak Databases

Description: Description: TBMOPA and Garmin have partnered to offer an incredible value for keeping the information current on your Garmin Integrated Flight Decks and Avionics. Garmin Americas OnePak with FliteCharts subscriptions offer databases for all compatible Garmin avionics in a single aircraft for one low annual price. Garmin offers two coverage options, Americas (Canada, U.S. South America) for $999 per year or U.S. for $819. Garmin is offering TBMOPA members a 10% discount from these list prices. Visit the Garmin OnePak website to understand coverage details, eligible avionics, and more: Joey Ferreyra, Garmin Sales & Customer Experience Manager, will review this new program and answer questions. The webinar will be recorded for later viewing. It will be accessible after the webinar, using the same link as to register.


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