The TBMOPA Foundation

Founded in 2008 by Tom Evernham, Tracey Forrest, and John Hinshaw, the TBMOPA Foundation was started primarily to put the dollars it was receiving to work. It’s mission was, and continues today, to help keep TBMOPA Members safe in the air, but also to safeguard the future of aviation through scholarships, monetary donations, and volunteering. Operating as a 501c(3) nonprofit organization, the Foundation seeks opportunities to provide funding for organizations that further it’s mission.

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The Foundation has worked for several years with Angel Flight, where many of our Members have generously volunteered their piloting skills and aircrafts to get critical patients where they need to get care. Thanks to our Members, these patients are able to get the specialty care they need without having to worry about transportation. Commercial flights can be very difficult for someone who has a weakened immune system, trouble breathing, difficulty moving around, just to name a few. Angel Flight alleviates both the stress of commuting for healthcare, and also some of the financial stress.

We also support Able Flight, another nonprofit who works with people living with disabilities who want to become pilots. With the support of the TBMOPA Foundation and other donors, Able Flight has provided over 100 flight training and aviation-career training scholarships, resulting in 70 licensed pilots living with a disability. The TBMOPA Foundation is proud to offer financial assistance to this organization, in hopes that one day aviation will be more easily accessible to all.

The Foundation has the great honor of offering a scholarship to an Embry-Riddle student from an underrepresented group who wants to work as a pilot in aviation. As most of us know, getting into aviation can be time-consuming, emotionally challenging, and financially overwhelming. The TBMOPA Embry-Riddle Scholarship offers an aviation-centric student an opportunity to focus on their studies and flight training, while alleviating some of the financial stress. We are proud to offer this scholarship to Embry-Riddle, and we look forward to seeing our recipients in the skies!

Finally, we are also the driving force behind the TBMOPA Safety Seminars hosted across the country. These seminars feature presentations on informative subjects related to the safe operation of the TBM, fostering the mission of the Foundation. These Seminars, hosted around the United States throughout the year, are the best opportunity for our Members to learn the latest and greatest of aviation, TBM, and pilot safety. We invite leaders and pioneers of the aviation industry so our Members can be at the forefront of the latest safety guidance and technological developments.

We are grateful as TBM owners and pilots to be able to share our love of aviation with members of our community. The TBMOPA Foundation has become an example of stewardship for safety and generosity across the world, and we look forward to a many more years of flying for all!

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