TBMOPA Information for Oshkosh 2024

Daher and TBMOPA are excited to partner again for the 21st year and invite all owners of Daher aircraft to visit the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh this year. Our presence there is unique due to Daher’s and TBMOPA’s close relationship with the EAA. As a result, TBMOPA members can access the “hidden side of Oshkosh” and benefit from a host of amenities.

Here are few(!) notes and answers to frequently asked questions to make your Oshkosh visit more enjoyable.

Note: If you plan on arriving IFR we strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the info below, especially if this is your first time flying in!

2024 AirVenture NOTAM:

Firstly, be sure to download the Oshkosh 2024 NOTAM:

While most of you will be arriving IFR (and some of the stuff in it does not apply to you) please download it, print it out and bring it with you. Please read through the whole NOTAM carefully and carry a copy in the aircraft with you. Although many of the procedures are similar to previous years, there are updates in nearly every area.

Also be sure to have your ARRIVAL SIGNS printed out prior to arrival! See the “Parking Signs” section below or view the full printable list of signage HERE.

IFR Arrival Routings

Click to exand

NOTE the preferred arrival routes into Oshkosh on page 27 of the Oshkosh 2024 NOTAM. It’s recommended you file one of these routes. If you don’t, one of them is probably what you will get anyway! ATC will probably “invite” you to cancel (or infer that you must cancel) at 60nm from the field. You are under no requirement to accept this “request” and most TBM owners on IFR slots do not cancel and proceed IFR to the field.

IFR Slots

TBMOPA members benefit from access to “golden” IFR slots in Oshkosh daily between 7AM and 1PM, allowing you to avoid any traffic issues. The golden slots are allocated directly by the EAA. This year you can book your parking and slot requests online when you REGISTER.

If you have requested an IFR arrival slot to be arranged by TBMOPA, you will receive your slot time from Misty by email by no later than COB Friday 19th, July (assuming availability). The slot email will give you your exact slot times for arrival and your slot reservation number. A separate email will be sent with departure slot information. Departure slots will be emailed approximately one hour before AirVenture.

Put the reservation number from the email in the “Remarks” section of your IFR plan. THIS IS IMPORTANT. The same procedure applies if you have an IFR slot reservation for departure. Make sure that you have a copy of the IFR reservation number in the Cockpit with you in case ATC loses it in their system- don’t be stuck with ATC without all the paperwork!

Note: You must arrive within 15 minutes of your designated slot time. See later in this document for IFR departure info.

If you have received a slot through TBMOPA from the EAA (it will have “EAA” in the reservation code) you do not need to confirm it with the FAA. Misty will take care of that for you. You must, however, acknowledge receipt of the slot email she sends to you (by email, text or voice) within the timeframe specified on the email.


Preferred Runway and Radio Calls

Important: Request RW 09/27 on initial contact with Oshkosh Approach if the winds and traffic permit since this will significantly reduce your taxi time.

Important: On radio calls with Oshkosh Tower please refer to yourself as a “DAHER TBM” to avoid confusion with a TBM Avenger!

VFR Arrivals

TBMs should use the Turbine/Warbird arrival (see page 18 in the NOTAM), not the “Ripon” arrival. If frequency congestion allows, make a brief call to request RW 09/27 if the winds permit since this will significantly reduce your taxi time. If you do the Turbine/Warbird arrival to runway 36 be aware that the “base to final” turn is relatively tight and executed low to the ground.

TBMOPA Parking Locations

Daher and TBMOPA offer aircraft owners dedicated hard surface parking at Oshkosh in front of the old Oshkosh “commercial terminal.” This gives members direct access to rental cars and fuel etc, along with dedicated transport that will take you to the show or the VIP campground when you arrive and when you need to depart. It takes a lot of negotiation every year to get a dedicated parking area (which every other GA manufacturer tries to get their hands on); however, as a TBMOPA member, only you can access it.

If you have any questions regarding taxi procedures or parking, please contact Misty Stanistreet.

Everyone will taxi to and park at the Basler 801 ramp parking area. More info below…

Parking Signs – Important!

Oshkosh is mostly non-radio once you land. You will display a sign in the window, so the magenta-shirted flag person knows where to send you. Below you will find 2 arrival signs (one for each parking area) plus an IFR and VFR sign (which you will use for departures).

Pro Tip: Print out the signs you need before you leave for Oshkosh and have them in the cabin with you.

The arrival sign you need depends on where you will park (see below). As soon as you clear the runway, display the correct taxi sign on the pilot side of the aircraft and the magenta-shirted flag persons will direct you to the Ramp. If by any chance a flag person should attempt to direct, simply shake your head and show them your parking sign. They will then direct you via the taxiway. Due to the weight of the TBM, YOU ARE NEVER REQUIRED TO TAXI ON THE GRASS.

Ideally, TBM landings at Oshkosh should be on RW 09/27, so the normal taxi route to parking is to exit to the North side of the 09/27 onto the B taxiway. Afterwards, either taxi eastbound to the Basler FBO or the dedicated Parking Areas for TBMs. Please see the airport diagram a few paragraphs below or in the NOTAM.

Basler 801 Ramp Parking

Most TBMs this year will again park on our dedicated ramp “Basler 801 Ramp” which is on the NW corner of the main FBO Ramp (see the airport diagram and Basler FBO layout a few paragraphs further down).

Use the “Basler 801 Ramp” sign. Download and print off with the “Download FBO Signs” button above.

Take B all the way to taxiway A. The Basler 801 Ramp is located at the NW end of the main FBO ramp. When you exit taxiway A onto the main FBO ramp, turn left and then turn right in front of the large hangers to taxi up to the Basler 801 Ramp. If there is a blockage on taxiway B, then you may get routed via B1 to F and then across the main Apron. When you get to the main Apron, turn left and taxi North up to the Basler 801 Ramp.

FBO Parking

Use the “FBO” sign (downloadable above).

Take taxiway B east to taxiway A and then head North on A. When you exit taxiway A onto the main FBO (Basler) ramp turn right and then follow the FBO marshalers to parking. If there is a blockage on B, then you may get routed via B1 to taxiway F and then across the main Apron. Cross the main FBO apron and then follow instructions from marshalers.

Note: Any taxi instructions by flag persons take precedence over the above!

RW 18/36

If you should land on RW 18/36, be aware that the runway will look somewhat different when you arrive than it does on the taxi diagram, since RW 18/36 becomes 18R/36L and taxiway A south of the (closed) RW 13/31 becomes 18L/36R. If RW 18/36 L/R are in use for landing traffic, most IFR traffic will land on 18R/36L unless there is congestion on the main runway. Note if you land on 18/36 you will need to cross 09/27 at A to get to the parking TBM area. This can take some considerable time when 09/27 is busy.

Following is a detailed taxi map, an overview taxi map, plus an aerial view that shows the location of the two TBMOPA parking areas.

Oshkosh Taxi Map – Location of TBMOPA Parking (Detail):

Oshkosh Taxi Map Overview – Airport Diagram:

Typical routes to Basler parking:

Securing the Aircraft

Please secure the aircraft with the usual parking kit (plugs and windshield cover). The FBO has tow pins, so it is not necessary to leave them in the nose leg. Note that due to the density of aircraft on the ramp the aircraft will almost certainly need to be moved by Basler staff while it is parked.


Please note that the building next to the TBM parking area is the old Basler offices and is not open. If you need a pit stop at the FBO, our team can take you to the new Basler offices in the Terminal.

TBMOPA Ground Transportation

If you arrive IFR (or have provided a VFR Arrival Time) TBMOPA staff will meet you when you get to the parking area. If you are arriving VFR without an agreed time or land on R/W 18/36 please call Misty on 404-993-5757 as soon as you are clear of the runway, and we will arrange for you to be picked up at the parking area. We will provide you with transport to the VIP Campground or to the Daher booth. When you need to return to your aircraft, please just let us know and we will make arrangements to take you out to your aircraft.

If you have reserved a rental car, TBMOPA staff will take you (and your luggage) to the FBO to pick it up. Please note that rental cars are not permitted on the Ramp due to the high density of aircraft. Only the TBMOPA vans are allowed on the ramp.

Basler FBO Registration

Basler Flight Services is our FBO for the TBMOPA parking area this year.

Note: all Jet Fuel supplied has pre-mix PRIST.

On arrival, you will need to give the Basler registration desk your credit card or UVAir fuel card for fuel purchases, however

FBO Pre-Registration

We have put together a pre-registration form that allows you to provide your payment info to Basler in advance of your arrival. Unless you have already done so, please print out the “TBMOPA Pre-Show Sign In Form” and either email or fax it to Misty prior to your arrival at Oshkosh. Basler will then simply bill your CC/fuel card and mail/email you the receipt.

This process will significantly speed things up when you arrive. Please let the TBMOPA representative (and/or the Basler handler) know whether you have sent in the pre-registration form. If you have not, we will give you a form to fill out and send it in when you arrive.

You will be able to arrange your fuel order on arrival with the TBMOPA staff member that meets you or the Basler handler.

Should you need it, Basler’s contact info is:

Basler Flight Service
(920) 236-7827


IFR Departure

  1. You must have an IFR slot to depart IFR from Oshkosh. (NOTE: if planning to pickup airborne clearance after VFR departure see page 29 of NOTAM).
  2. Plan your departure using the IFR departure routes on Page 28 of the NOTAM.
  3. Display an “IFR” sign in the window.
  4. For IFR Departures Prior to engine start, monitor AirVenture Departure ATIS (121.75).
  5. Do not start your engine until authorized by Clearance Delivery.
  6. Request IFR departure and start clearance from Clearance Delivery (119.05) prior to engine start no more than 20 minutes prior to EDT and no later than EDT.
  7. Remain on 119.05 until told to contact Ground Control (132.3).
  8. Taxi as instructed by Ground Control and EAA flag persons.
  9. Unless directed by Ground Control, ensure you are established in the IFR staging area for your assigned runway. See the diagram below and page 15 in the NOTAM for a layout of the staging areas.
  10. IFR clearances are not valid without a transponder code. Expect transponder code assignment immediately prior to departure. Do not take off without an assigned transponder code otherwise you have departed VFR.

VFR Departures

  1. Display a “VFR” sign in the window.
  2. Monitor ATIS (121.75) to ensure the airport is open and which runway(s) is/are in use. Do not start your engine until the ATIS says the airport is open.
  3. If the airport is IFR you may not taxi on the airport unless you have an IFR clearance.
  4. Taxi towards the designated runway (typically 09/27) for Turbine departures without contacting Ground.
  5. Follow the instructions of FAA flag persons. MONITOR the correct frequency for the runway you are using. See page 16 of the NOTAM. Typically for TBM departures on RW 9/27 the frequency to monitor will be 128.75.
    • VFR holding point for RW 9 is taxiway B1
    • VFR holding point for RW 27 is taxiway A
  6. RW 27 VFR Departure:
    • Stay at or below 1300MSL (approx. 500AGL) on heading 270 thru 360 until clear of the Oshkosh class D.
  7. RW 9 VFR Departure:
    • Maintain heading of 040 thru 090 until clear of the Oshkosh class D.
  8. It is recommended that you climb well above the VFR arrival corridors before turning on course. This is particularly important for RW 27 departures. If departing to the South, climb to at least 4000MSL before turning on course.
  9. If planning to pickup airborne clearance after VFR departure see page 29 of NOTAM.
  10. See page 15 in the NOTAM for more details on VFR departures.

Meals & Events


Every evening TBMOPA hosts owners and vendors in the VIP Campground for a catered dinner (other than the night of the Daher Party). With the help of our wonderful sponsors, we are able to provide a great evening of good food, fun aviation stories, and more. We will post the nightly menu online the Thursday before the event starts.

We will also serve coffee and baked goodies every morning in the campground to get your day off to a great start!

2024 Daher Special Events

Standby for an email from Daher with their events and registration. We will also update this page at that time.

TBM Town

By far the best place to stay at Oshkosh is on the campground itself. This year again we will have a much expanded “TBM town,” located between 35th and 37th streets at the fashionable (East) end of Camp Scholler, South of Schaick Road. See map below.

TBMOPA has pre-booked a number of VIP RVs that are located on the show grounds itself. They have A/C, running water, plumbing etc and are an ideal way to get the best out of the show. They are available on a first come, first serve basis for TBM owners and are rented by the week. You are about 200 yds from the closest entrance to the show. They were offered this year as an option during registration and sold out in minutes. Note: We are considering a more equitable “lottery” system for future years.

If you did not get an RV, every year a number of owners split the week with another owner. Posting in the forum is the best way to work this out.

Location of VIP RV Campground

We will provide a parking permit to allow your car to park next to your RV when you arrive if you are staying in the VIP Campground. The parking pass will not however allow your car to travel on the show grounds.

In all cases, ignore non-AirVenture traffic signs and definitely ignore your GPS and head East (turn right) from Basler or the Main Terminal on W 20th and then turn right (south) on Oregon Street (at the gas station) and then follow the map.

Arriving at Oshkosh by Road?

If you are are camping in the VIP area and are arriving by road (by car or RV), please call Misty in advance on 404-993-5757 and we will make arrangements to meet you at the entrance gate to the “S” Lot car park (on the HW 41 North feeder road/Poberezny road) with a parking pass. See the above map.

Approaching Oshkosh via HW41 from the South, take exit 113 (County Rd N) and then the North-bound Feeder Road (signed “Camper Registration”). If you are arriving from the North, you will need to go past the main Oshkosh airport exit HW 44) and use exit 113 (County Rd N) and turn back on to the Northbound feeder road (because of the AirVenture one-way system).

AirVenture Entrance Wristbands

If you pre-purchased your EAA Entrance wristbands through TBMOPA, they will be with the driver that meets you at your aircraft. If you are arriving via ground transportation, please contact Misty @ 404-993-5757 to make arrangements.

If you did not pre-purchase, you can purchase EAA entrance wristbands from the main gate or online HERE.

Contact Numbers

Misty Stanistreet –TBMOPA – (404) 993-5757
Billy Alberts – TBMOPA – (843) 263-4726

Have a great Oshkosh 2024!!!!


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